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Digitalization & E-Commerce

Digitalization has been at the heart of our law firm’s activities since its creation.

Our team has a strong technical expertise that will ensure the security and compliance of your activities, on all legal issues related to IT (software, IT service contracts, cloud), the Internet (hosting, maintenance, partnerships), e-commerce (general conditions, website audits, marketplace, advertising, domain names) and information systems security (RGPD compliance, outsourcing, cryptography, IT litigation).

Our know-how provides personalized support to large groups for the digitalization of their services, as well as to start-ups at the stage of launching their project or the industrialization phase of their activities.

Artificielle Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence and automated systems is already one of the key developments of the 21st century with the democratization of facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, augmented reality, in healthcare and robotics.

Artificial intelligence is driving structural changes in sectors ranging from transportation to consumer technologies, from healthcare to financial services and insurance.

CIRCLE Law assists its clients in the development of new products in the artificial intelligence sector, as well as in the conclusion of strategic partnerships, data sharing, and the acquisition of certain innovative companies in a highly complex legal context.

In order to better understand the challenges of artificial intelligence, the lawyers at CIRCLE Law have developed expertise in the areas of data privacy and cyber security, technology transactions, intellectual property and trade secrets, AI governance, security and ethics, and have participated in the design of several artificial intelligence programs in the health and legal fields.

Food, Tourism & Hospitality

CIRCLE Law assists many innovative companies and start-ups in the Foodtech sector.
Our expertise in commercial matters and new technologies and our knowledge of the challenges of the food sector enable us to offer our clients an operational approach and provide them with very concrete answers, particularly in terms of delivery service regulations, food traceability and distribution networks.

CIRCLE Law assists a clientele of individuals and professionals in the real estate and hotel sectors.

Our know-how enables us to offer tailor-made solutions in the context of real estate M&A transactions (structuring of operations), real estate transactions, seasonal rentals, as well as in the development of real estate development activities and luxury hotels.

Entertainment & sport

With a solid reputation in entertainment and sports law, CIRCLE Law covers all areas of entertainment (music, sports, entertainment, video games, television, film, radio and digital content) and represents clients in all facets of these industries (author/composer, actor/actor, producer, turntablist, distributor/licensee, video game studio and designer, publisher, writer/director, influencer and top sportsman).

The CIRCLE Law firm is involved both in the negotiation of rights and in the defense of creators before the courts.

Our know-how enables us to offer tailor-made solutions in the context of M&A transactions (structuring of operations, acquisitions, etc.) in the entertainment sector.


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing currencies, assets, supply chains, property, contracts and relationships.

CIRCLE Law helps clients take advantage of the enormous potential and disruptive impact of Blockchain technology, while avoiding falling under the influence of ever-changing regulatory and legal requirements. CIRCLE Law works with a wide range of clients to explore disintermediation, traceability, tokenization, digital currencies, OTC transactions, and new applications of blockchain technology.

The expertise of our Blockchain team enables our clients to find solutions in a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Digital technology has profoundly changed the medical/biomedical sector and more generally the world of healthcare. The rise of connected objects, telehealth tools (teleconsultation, tele-monitoring/measurement), interoperability, artificial intelligence, access and management of health data (big data) are as many innovations as they are distinct legal issues.

CIRCLE Law assists its clients specialized in the medical field (telemedicine platform, medical diagnosis, software, telemetry tools, connected objects, predictive analysis software).


Connected objects have revolutionized our daily lives; they collect, process and analyze data in real time to meet a specific purpose, an expected functionality.

Connected objects are present in all fields and concern both the design of connected physical objects (sensors, antennas, embedded electronics) with ports for interaction with their environment (sensors, antennas, embedded electronics), and the development of electronic communication networks to transport data from objects or IT infrastructures providing data storage and/or processing capacities.

CIRCLE Law assists a nebulous group of economic players from different sectors (retail, food, e-health, entertainment, etc.) who together make up this new market: designers and manufacturers of connected objects, operators and managers of data flow transmission networks, managers of data collection and processing platforms, designers of software interfaces between objects and users, and service providers who collect, analyze, and exploit the user data provided by connected objects.

The law intrudes into this ecosystem at all stages, whether it concerns the creation, manufacture, distribution or use of the connected object (patent, know-how, personal data, traceability, consumer law, intellectual property, etc.).


CIRCLE Law advises designers and companies in the luxury and fashion sector, particularly in the fields of ready-to-wear, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics and events.

Our multidisciplinary expertise provides you with cross-disciplinary legal support both in the protection of your intellectual property rights (trademark, design, copyright) and in the negotiation of your commercial agreements and partnerships (distribution, licensing, franchising, etc.).

The dynamic of our approach to the luxury and fashion sector is due to our willingness to assist both established and renowned companies in their activities in France and abroad, as well as young brands and artists in their development strategy within their market.